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This is a web page on the research of Ron Surmon, he sent them to me and I thought I would include them on my site.  This is as close as I have come to connecting my Withers with any of the other Withers lines.  If anyone has anything they would like to add or correct please email me debbie at Thanks so much.

Thomas C. Withers Sr.


Kentucky Counties

General Stonewall Jackson

Letter dated 02/12/1978
Isabella S. Strouder of Long Beach, CA
Mrs of Nepoleon, MO had found our Thomas left eastern KY for Christian, Co. Ky, he died there in 1835 with Will.. Proved our Thomas did not marry Patty Harris.
Will, Bible and Census does prove this statement.BIBLE
IGI- files shows Elizabeth's father's cousin Jacob was living in Bourben Co., KY before Thomas and Elizabeth were married.. Then it looks as if they moved over to Jassamine Co., KY Jacob

James ..b.. abt. 1745 .. Fauquier Co., VA ..d.. 11/24/1849 Lincoln Co., KY..m.. 1768 Elizabeth Rosser son Thomas died Woodford Co., Ky
Why was his son Thomas living in Woodford Co???, when his brother John was in Lincoln Co., Mid State!!!.. reference
From all of the circumstantial evidence the two Thomas are used as one Thomas when there are two with fathers and mothers with common names.. But, the mothers are: Elizabeth Rosser and Elizabeth Mauzey..
James Withers and Elizabeth Rosser's son Thomas married Patty Harris and probably lived in Lincoln or Harding Co.. James's step grandmother was married to William Harris in Fauquier Co., VA
James Withers and Elizabeth Rosser's son William had a son named Abijah and Thomas/Elizabeth Harris named their son Abijah, try to find another named Abijah, not even in Bonham do you find Abijah and 60% of their children end in (iah) You do find it in Gardner, James (2) wife.. reference

Martin Vincent Hammersmith of Chino, CA used Patty for his DAR entrance, Thomas and Patty lived in Mid KY and had four children, and both died in the early 1830's, lived in the County they first married, and was the son of a Rev War Vet..(Strouder Letter)
Their children do not match our bible .. reference .. Our Thomas

Louise Surmon believes, as with other researches, Reubin Withers to be the son of Thomas Withers and Elizabeth Bonham..
The Dunn Bible has Thomas Withers and Elizabeth Bonham the parents of Reuben Withers
It is my opinion that our Thomas and Elizabeth left VA for Woodford Co., KY and left Reuben in VA with the Grandparents..(2nd) son Samuel was born in Woodford Co., KY. reference Also Christopher C. Withers, son of Thomas C. Withers II, added or amended the bible and may have forgotten Reuben, he also made some errors on dates..

Will book H page 363 name Thomas Withers Woodford Co. KY
Will book H page 362: NAME Christopher Weathers
The probability is Thomas stilled owned land in Woodford Co. KY and for the title of the land to be transferred a copy of the will is on file..
Christopher and Abigail were Excutors of Thomas's Will, and it is Will book H page 362. And the only heirs are the children of Abigail .. probated..02/02/1835.. Christian Co.
Woodford Co. is probably bogus information !!

Thomas is living in Woodford County and Elizabeth dies leaving him 9 Children of which Minor is less than a month old. What does he do?
I believe, Thomas went to his family in Clark, Co where his couisn John James Winn resides ..

John James Winn ..b.. abt 1768, Albemarle, Va ..Parents James Winn/Hannah Withers ...Cousin of Thomas Withers .. Grand fathers Will
bulletEllen Wright ..b.. abt 1770 , Albemarle, Va ..m.. abt 1790 KY
  1. Minor WINN ..b.. abt 1796 Winchester, Clark, Ky ..d.. 01/27/1862 Winchester, Clark, Ky ..m.. 10/19/1816 Mary P. Haggard ..b.. abt. 1798 ..Parents John Haggard and Mary Shepard
    1. James "Jim" WINN ..b..abt 1817 Winchester, Clark, Ky ..d.. Winchester, Clark, Ky
    2. Martin S. "Mart" WINN ..b.. abt 1819 Winchester, Clark, Ky ..d.. Winchester, Clark, Ky ..m.. Ella Mercer
    3. IGI-John Augustus "Jack" WINN ..b.. abt 1821 Winchester, Clark, Ky..d.. Winchester, Clark, Ky
    4. David WINN ..b.. abt 1823 Winchester, Clark, Ky ..d.. Winchester, Clark, Ky
IGI-John WINN Spouse: Ellen WRIGHT Marriage: Abt. 1790 Virginia

Cousins below are John Winn's and not Thomas withers
IGI-John WINN Spouse: Ellen HICKS Marriage: 1784 Madison, Kentucky (borders Clark Co.)
James Berry WINN Birth: 23 May 1815 Madison Co., Kentucky Father: William WINN Mother: Mildred HURT
JAMES B. WINN Birth: 23 May 1815 Madison, Kentucky Father: WILLIAM WINN Mother: MILDRED HURT (Madison Co., borders Clark)

Aunt Susannah and uncle Chichester Chinn are not too far away
bullet*Susannah ..b.. 08/20/1767 Fauquier Co., VA ..d.. unknown ..m.. 06/09/1789 Chichester Chinn .. Bourbon Co., KY ..Parents Thomas Chinn and Jennet Scott .. Thomas/Susanna Will 11/05/1794 Fauquier Co., VA
  1. IGI-Thomas Thorton Chinn ..b.. abt 1790 Fauquier Co. VA ..m.. 11/21/1816 Margaret Little ..Bourbon Co. KY
  2. IGI-Jennett Scott Chinn ..b.. 12/06/1793 Harrison, Kentucky ..m.. Cato C. Chinn 08/28/1810 Harrison, Kentucky
Notes: Harrison Co., KY was formed from part of Bourbon

Thomas 's cousin Mary Withers married Francis Conner..
This was after Thomas married Hannah..

John Withers..b.. bef. 1769 .. Fauquier Co., VA ..d.. aft. 1828 .. Woodford Co., KY .. moved to Woodford Co. 1808 ..note: Thomas's brother, moved to KY after Elizabeth died
Enoch ..b.. 1782 Fauquier Co., VA ..d.. abt.1825 .. Woodford Co., KY ..m.. *1803 .. VA .. Nancy Nelson (Thomas's brother) Confirming dates : Bible has Minor ..b.. Oct.1807 and Eliz. ..d.. Nov. 1806 (changed to Nov. 1807).. 1808 brother John Withers left for Woodford Co. KY .. Probably to help Thomas

IGI-Abijah WITHERS Birth: Abt. 1779 Fauquier, Virginia Father: William WITHERS /Elizabeth BARBEE
IGI-Abijah WITHERS Birth: 27 Nov 1783 Virginia Father: William WITHERS Mother: Mrs. William WITHERS
IGI-Abijah WITHERS Spouse: Clara BRUCE Marriage: 5 Feb 1805 Garrard Co., Kentucky
IGI-Abijah WITHERS Marriage: 10 Aug 1830 Fauquier Co., Virginia
IGI-Abijah WITHERS Spouse: Clarisa BRUCE Marriage: Abt. 27 Nov 1783 Virginia
IGI-Abijah WITHERS Spouse: Prudence Blackburn WHITE Marriage: 10 Aug 1830 Fauquier, Virginia
IGI-Abijah GARDNER Birth: 27 Oct 1766 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts Father: Timothy Mother: Mary MYRICK Note: This is William Thomas's mother's Maiden name
IGI-Abijah GARDNER Spouse: Peggy GARDNER Marriage: 4 Nov 1787 Nantucket, Nantucket, Massachusetts
IGI-William WITHERS Birth: 27 Oct 1817 Garrard, Kentucky Father: Abigah WITHERS Mother: Clara BRUCE

IGI-Patsy WITHERS Birth: Abt. 1806 Hardin Co., Kentucky
IGI-Patsy WITHERS Spouse: Richard MCMAHON 16 Dec 1803 Nelson, Kentucky
IGI-Patsy WITHERS Will: 29 Jul 1809 Hardin, Kentucky Father: William WITHERS

IGI-John Parkerson WITHERS Birth: Abt. 1779 Hardin Co., Kentucky
IGI-John WITHERS Birth: 1812 Kentucky ..Spouse: Mrs. Wilhelmina WITHERS
John Withers..b.. bef. 1769 .. Fauquier Co., VA ..d.. aft. 1828 .. Woodford Co., KY .. moved to Woodford Co. 1808 ..note: Thomas's brother, moved to KY after Elizabeth died
Enoch ..b.. 1782 Fauquier Co., VA ..d.. abt.1825 .. Woodford Co., KY ..m.. *1803 .. VA .. Nancy Nelson ..Note : uncle of Thomas
Thomas Withers ..b.. bef. 1769 Fauquier Co., VA ..d.. abt. 1830 .. Woodford Co., KY .. Moved to Woodford Co. 1791 .. Inherited from father 200 Acres on the Ky. River . ..Note : ..d.. Christian Co. KY
Susannah Withers ..b.. 08/20/1767 Fauquier Co., VA ..d.. unknown ..m.. 06/09/1789 Chichester Chinn .. Bourbon Co., KY ..Parents Thomas Chinn and Jennet Scott .. Thomas/Susanna Will 11/05/1794 Fauquier Co., VA ..Note : Aunt of Thomas

IGI-Thomas Withers ..b.. 1790 ..m.. Grace F. Allen .. died 1825 in Stafford VA
IGI-Thomas WITHERS Birth: Abt. 1770 Franklin, Kentucky Spouse: Lida
IGI-Thomas WITHERS Marriage: 1 Feb 1821 Lincoln, Kentucky Patsy King
IGI-Thomas WITHERS spouse: Patty HARRIS Marriage: 10 Feb 1791 Fauquier, Virginia

Jemima Gardner ..b.. 1716 .. Fauquire Co., VA ..m.. (2) 07/27/1789 Wm. Harris..( 2nd) wife of James Withers) ..

IGI-Thomas WITHERS Birth: 11 Sep 1766 Dinwiddie, Virginia Death: 17 Jan 1843 Dinwiddie, Virginia ..Father: William WITHERS Mother: Priscilla WRIGHT (1) Spouse: Louisa WALKER 28 Nov 1793 (2) Spouse: Elizabeth GRAMMER Marriage: 20 Oct 1803
IGI-Mary T. WETHERS Birth: May 1806 Poplarhill, Virginia ..Father: Thomas WETHERS Mother: Elizabeth GRAMMER (we do not have a mary T.)

IGI-Elizabeth HARRIS Birth: Abt. 1770 , Va, Virginia

IGI-Thomas WEATHERS Spouse: Elizabeth BONHAM Marriage: 20 Jan 1791 Frederick, Virginia BIBLE 02/19/1791
IGI-THOMAS WEATHERS Spouse: ABIGALE Marriage: Abt. 1813 of Christian, Kentucky
IGI-THOMAS WEATHERS Birth: 1788 Of Christian, Kentucky Note : no knowledge of prior marriage
IGI-Jamima (Miney) WEATHERS Birth: Abt. 1794 Kentucky ..Miney WEATHERS Spouse: O Bailey GEORGE Marriage: 28 Feb 1815 Kentucky (Our Jamima)
IGI-Miney WEATHERS Spouse: Bealey GEORGE Marriage: 28 Feb 1815 Clark, Kentucky( ..Note : Thomas's daughter and it was Geo. Bailey
IGI-Elizabeth WITHERS Spouse: Jarred CRABB Marriage: 14 Apr 1825 Woodford, Kentucky (Could be John's daughter)
IGI-Mary M. WEATHERS Birth: 1829 Of, Clark, Kentucky ..Colby Tandy QUISENBERRY Marriage: 7 May 1849 Clark, Kentucky ..Note : I do not know of her.

IGI-Willian WEATHERS Birth: Abt. 1801 Of Christian Co., Kentucky Spouse: Sarah STERNS
IGI-William WEATHERS Spouse: Mary WHITE Marriage 23 Jan 1794 Madison, Kentucky (Part of Madison became Clark Co... could be Thomas's brother)
IGI-William WEATHERS Spouse: Elizabeth GRAHAM Marriage: 13 Dec 1811 Nelson, Kentucky

IGI-Thomas Withers ..b.. abt. 1769 James WITHERS Family Mother: Susan (Sukey) WALLER .. died in VA
IGI-Thomas Withers ..b.. 1696 ..m.. Lidia ..son Thomas ..b.. 1732
IGI-Thomas Born: 11 Sep 1766 Dinwiddie, Virginia Died: 17 Jan 1843 Dinwiddie, Virginia
IGI-William Withers ..b.. ..d,, 1763 Father:Thomas Weathers b: Abt 1698 Va Mother: Lydia Judkins b: Abt 1698 in Va ..m.. Marriage 1 Mary Rives b: Abt 1725 in Va
IGI-Thomas Weathers b: 29 NOV 1745 in Albemarle Parish,Surry,Va father: William Withers ..b.. ..d,, 1763
Thomas D. WITHERS Sex: M 1 Birth: 13 AUG 1780 Death: 6 MAR 1867 Marriage 03/16/1807 Lydia DAVIS b: 4 OCT 1780 IGI-Thomas WITHERS Birth: Abt. 1782 Fauquier County, Virginia Father: James WITHERS ..Mother: Mrs. Elizabeth WITHERS
This must have been Berry's given name
IGI-Littleberry WITHERS Birth: 1808 Kentucky Spouse: Ann RITCHEY
IGI-Littleberry WITHERS Spouse: Ann RITCHEY Marriage: 31 Aug 1837 Princeton, Cldwll, Kentucky (near Christian Co.)
IGI-Francis M. WITHERS ..b.. 1843 Caldwell, Kentucky Father: Littleberry WITHERS
IGI-Francis M. WITHERS Spouse: Hester E. WILSON Marriage: Abt. 1855 Of, Christian, Kentucky (Samuels son)
Note : brother Samuel has a Francis M. Withers also an Abner Berry Withers
IGI-Elizabeth WITHERS Spouse: Jarred CRABB Marriage: 14 Apr 1825 Woodford, Kentucky
Milton WITHERS Birth: Abt. 1807 Of, Woodford, Kentucky ..m.. Julia Ann FOX abt. 1830 Woodford, Kentucky
Garland WITHERS Birth: Abt. 1780 Fauquier, Virginia Father: John WITHERS ..Mother: Rosamond DUNCAN
James WITHERS ..b. 9 Aug 1762 Stafford, Virginia ..d.. 28 Nov 1812 , Georgetown, Scott, Kentucky ..Burial: 1812, Georgetown, Scott, Kentucky ..Father: John WITHERS Mother: Hannah ROUTT..moved after 1803 .. Allen is his only son
1810 ..Scott Co. census..192a 16 Withers, James 0...1...0...0...1...3...2...0...1...0...0...6
Also found in Scott were Thomas and John Weathers
Since James didn't have sons Thomas and John one might infer These our our folks, Scott Co., is formed from Woodford Co.
John Valentine WITHERS Born: 12 Feb 1796 Culpepper, Virginia ..d.. 1871.. Newark, , Missouri ..m.. 1823 Sarah CRUTCHER 1802 Woodford, Kentucky ..m.. 1823 Woodford, Kentucky ..Father: John WITHERS Mother: Hannah ALLEN
This information I believe is in correct, wrong parents..
IGI-Isaac Crutcher WITHERS Birth: 3 Oct 1825 Woodford, Kentucky
Hardin Co., KY is where the family lived..
John and Thomas Withers appearing in Scott Co., 1810 could be our Thomas and brother John.. Thomas married in Clark Co., that yr.. But, I do not have any information as to just when Thomas removed to Clark, maybe just the children stayed there in Clark Co...
From the discription of the property, (May 1786 Patented 1200 acres on the Kentucky River and Rough Run in Woodford Co., Ky.) (I believe the Kentucky River is in Franklin the west of Scott Co. and throurgh the west side of Woodford Co.) Thomas only recieved 300 acres..
Grand Father Thomas's Land Before the formation of other Co.s .. The KY River Startes in Lincoln runs through Jassamine, Woodford Etc..
15 May 1780 he patented 804 acres on the Kentucky River in Jefferson and Lincoln Co., Ky. 16 Mar 1781 he patented another 804 acres on Kentucky River in Jefferson Co., Ky. Remarks: The Jefferson Property probably ended up in Franklin Co.

James :Married Elizabeth ... at an early age (Family name unknown)
24 Mar 1778 Appointed Second Lieutenant
8 Mar 1780 Sold the 130 acres in Fauquier Co., Va.
May 1786 Patented 1200 acres on the Kentucky River and Rough Run in Woodford Co., Ky. Between his grandfather's property
Made his will in Fauquier Co., Va...John Exec. Will 05/04/1791 John had moved to Woodford Co. KY
Will was probated in Fauquier Co., Va.
James and Elizabeth ... Withers lived in Fauquier Co., Va. , on 130 acres of land given to James by his father, Thomas Withers (II)
During the Revolution War James Withers served in the Fauquier County Militia.
According to the history of the Payne family James was a Doctor of medicine.

This is one person's Geneolgy.. I disagree with this, because Dr. James married Elizabeth Mauzy!!!!James
James Withers Dr. Birth: 16 MAR 1743/44 in Prince William Co., Va. 3 Death: 4 MAY 1791 in Fauquier Co., Va. 3 Military Service: American Revolution 3 Event: DAR Lineage 28173 3 Reference Number: 372 Father: Thomas Withers b: 15 FEB 1722/23 in Potomac Creek, Stafford Co., Va. Mother: Elizabeth b: 1723
Marriage 1 Elizabeth Rosser b: AFT. 1744
Married: AFT. 1764 in Prince William Co., Va. 3
Children :
Hannah Withers b: 1765
Lucy Withers b: 1766
Sally Withers b: 1767 in Virginia
Thomas Withers b: 1768 in Fauquier Co., Va.
John Withers b: 1769 in Fauquier Co., Va.
Elizabeth Withers b: 1770 in Fauquier Co., Va.
Matthew Keene Withers b: 1772 in Fauquier County, Virginia
Scythia Withers b: 1779 in Fauquier Co., Va.
Cynthia Ann Withers b: 24 AUG 1779 in Fauquier County, Virginia
Patsy Withers b: 6 JUL 1781 in Fauquier Co., Va.
Enoch Withers b: 1782 in Fauquier Co., Va.
William Withers b: 1783 in Fauquier Co., Va.

This I can agree if he is from James and Elizabeth Rosser.. He is from This James
Thomas Withers ..b.. 1768 Fauquier Co., Va. ..d.. 02//1830 Woodford, KY..Father: James Withers b: 16 MAR 1743/44 in Prince William Co., Va. Mother: Elizabeth Rosser b: AFT. 1744
bulletPatty Harris b: 1768 ..m.. 02/10/1791 Fauquier Co., Va.
Children :
  1. James Withers b: 1797 Fauquier Co., Va. (Named after Grandfather)
  2. Eliza Withers b: 1798 Fauquier Co., Va. (Named after Grandmother)
  3. Abijah Withers b: 11/16/1809 Fauquier Co., Va. ..m.. Prudence Blackburn White ..b.. 11/16 /1809 / Woodford Co., Ky.
    1. William Thomas Withers ..b.. 08/03/1831 Woodford Co., Ky. ..d.. 11/19/1855 in Weston, Mo.

Thomas WEATHERS ..b. EST 1698 Virginia ..d.. WP 1744 Surry Co., Va
bulletLydia JUDKINS ..b.. EST 1698 Virginia ..d.. abt 12/19 /1776 Sussex Co., Va ..m.. bef 1728 VA .. Father: Samuel (Jr.) Mother: Elizabeth PETTWAY
Children :
  1. Michael WEATHERS ..b.. abt. 1728 Albemarle Parish, Sussex, Va ..d.. 1792 Sussex Co., Va
  2. Benjamin .1730-1793
  3. Thomas ..b.. EST 1732 Albemarle Parish, Sussex, Va ..d.. 1776 ..m.. Susanna Wilbourn
    1. Benjamin Weathers
  4. Michael WEATHERS ..b.. EST 1734 Albemarle Parish, Sussex, Va
  5. Susanna WEATHERS ..b.. EST 1736 Albemarle Parish, Sussex, Va
  6. John WEATHERS ..b.. EST 1738 Albemarle Parish, Sussex, Va
  7. Isaac WEATHERS ..b.. EST 1740 Albemarle Parish, Sussex, Va Died: 18 Jun 1814
  8. Reubin WEATHERS ..b.. EST 1742 Albemarle Parish, Sussex, Va
  9. John WEATHERS ..b..abt. 1743 Sussex Co.?, Va
  10. Susanna WEATHERS ..b..abt. 1745 Sussex, Virginia
  11. Reubin (Reuben) WEATHERS ..b.. 11 Apr 1741 Albermarle, Sussex, Virginia ..Chris.. 17 May 1741 Albemarle Parish, Sussex Co.?, Va
  12. William WEATHERS ..b.. 04/16/1726 Albemarle Parish, Sussex, Va ..d.. 01/06/1804 Albemarle Parish, Sussex, Va Buried: Jan 1804 Place: Withers Cemetery, Fauquier, Va

Thomas WEATHERS ..b.. ABT 1698 ..d.. ABT 1744 ,Surry County,VA
Children :
  1. William WEATHERS b: ABT 1728 in ,Sussex County,VA
  2. Benjamin WEATHERS
  3. Thomas WEATHERS
  4. Michael WEATHERS
  5. Susannah WEATHERS
  6. John WEATHERS
  7. Isaac WEATHERS
  8. Reuben WEATHERS
This family is on the south east end of VA...Could be William Withers ..b.. 1677/1678 Stafford, Va ..chris ..//5 Oct 1673 Westbury-On-Trym, Gloucester, England ..d.. 1703 Stafford County, VA line, brother of James Withers I ..b.. 06/06/1681Potomac Creek, Stafford Co, VA

Thomas Weathers Birth: BEF. 1746 Death: BEF. 7 MAY 1767 Father: Ralph Sr. (Withers) Weathers b: 1 SEP 1680 Mother: Patience* (Patiense) Unknown b: ABT. 1683
bulletJane ______ ..m.. bef. 1767
  1. William ..b.. bef. 05/07/1767

Ralph Sr. (Withers) Weathers Birth: 1 SEP 1680 ..Death: 1788 in Frederick Co., Virginia
bulletPatience* (Patiense) Unknown b: ABT. 1683 Married: ABT. 1705 in Virginia
  1. Sarah* Margaret (Withers) Weathers b: 25 DEC 1730 in Frederick Co., VA
  2. William Sr. (Withers) Weathers
  3. Ralph Jr. Weathers
  4. Thomas Weathers b: BEF. 1746
I do not know if this family is Withers or Weathers.. It is not James Withers and Elizabeth Keene's ancestors

Only 4 samuels fond in database
Jesse ..b.. 08/10/1760 VA Fauquier co., VA ..d.. 01/07/1834 Fauquier co., VA ..m.. 08/07/1789 .. Catherine Porter
bulletSamuel ..b.. Abt. 1812 Fauquier, Va

Joseph D. (mother- Mary) ..b.. ..d.. ..m.. Gatewood
bulletSamuel ..b.. *1831

William Ramlin Withers..b.. abt. 1761.. Fauquier Co. VA ..d.. 08/24/1850 .. Fauquier Co., VA ..m.. 03/28/1786 .. (Patsy) Martha Ann Ashby ..b.. 02/05/1770 ..d.. 04/18/1838 TN ..b.. 1770 ..d.. 09/15/1838 .. Gibson Co., TN ..
bulletDr. Samuel Ashby Withers ..b.. 1797 ..d.. 1850 .. 1835 .. removed to KY ..cousin of Thomas C. Withers .. about 6 yrs. after our Samuel

John Withers ..b.. 1574 in Lancaster, England, and died Aft. 1652 in England. ..Jennette Widder Wither. daughter of Brain (Widder) Wither ..
bulletSamuel Withers ..b.. abt. 1595

This leads into the names of Thomas's children.. I believe the names are the key to his family...
bulletReuben :
No idea where the name Rueben came from..

bulletSamuel :
The Samuels above are the only names associated with his ancestors..

bulletWilliam :
William ..b.. bef. 1783 Fauquier Co., VA ..d ..bef. 1850 .. This Thomas's his uncle

bulletJamima :
Jemima Mauzy ..b.. Abt. 1765 VA ..m.. Joshua Darnell VA ..Cousin from his mothers side

bulletKittie :
Kitty fits with Ruebin and Samuel

bulletEnoch :
Enoch ..b.. 1782 Fauquier Co., VA ..d.. abt.1825 .. Woodford Co., KY ..m.. 10/04/1803 Fauquier Co., VA .. Nancy Nelson ..Parents ..Thomas's brother

bulletElizabeth :
Elizabeth goes with out saying..

bulletMary Ann :
Ann ..b.. 10/02/1722 .. Stafford Co., ..d.. bef..1765 ..m.. 11/11/1744 .. Stafford Co., VA .. Henry Mauzy ..b.. 1721 ..Eng. ..d.. 1802 (Aunt)
Mary ..b.. 09/29/1711 Stafford Co. ..d.. 1783 Fauqurier Co, VA ..m.. *1732 .. Joseph Hundnall .. .b.. 1720 ..d.. bef. 1788 .. Prince William Co., Va. (Aunt)
Mary Mauzy..b.. Abt. 1760 Fauquier, Virginia ..d.. 1769 ..Aunt Mauzy
Mary ..b.. abt. 1826 Washington, Kentucky..Cousin Mauzy

bulletBerry :
Susan MAUZY ..b.. abt 1785 Virginia ..d.. 1860 Rockbridge Bap C, Willisburg, Washington, KY .. married William Scruggs and his father was Littleberry
They named their first son Berry (1809)
In the documentation of John Conners he mentioned his son Benjamin as Berry..
Also I believe Thomas C.'s son was Littlebery because a Littleberry Withers Married in a county near Christian Co., (Caldwell)

Minor Winn ..b.. 1730 Fauquier, Va ..d.. 09/22/1813 Loudon County, Virginia. ..Uncle
Minor WINN ..b.. abt 1796 Winchester, Clark, Ky ..d.. 01/27/1862 Winchester, Clark, Ky ..m.. 10/19/1816 Mary P. Haggard ..b.. abt. 1798 ..Parents John Haggard and Mary Shepard.. Cousin
I have no Idea but it is a given named used by Conners..
I do not believe Christopher is Thomas's name. I believe it is Conyer after his great grandmother .. Not far fetched when Clarence Conner Withers was given his middle name after his great grandmother
The Withers in the Cave ancestry gave the males the Middle name an initial "C" for Cave, no documentation as to weather it is Cave..

bulletSally :
Sally ..b.. abt 1831 Kentucky Sally ..b.. abt. 1783 ..m.. 03/20/1804 Fauquier Co., VA.. William Kidwell (sister)

bulletLidia :
Lydia Mauzy ..b.. Abt 1763 VA ..m.. 01/24/1791.. Joseph Withers .. Cousin Lydia and Uncle Joseph

Named after his grandfather Thomas

bulletPolly Ann :
Polly Molly Mauzy ..b.. Abt. 1789 KY..Cousin
Polly Mauzy ..b.. Abt. 1750 Virginia (Aunt)

bulletMartha :
Martha (Patsy) Withers ..b.. 02/18/1798 Clearence Lewis Yancey ..removed to TN..(Cousin)

(GENERAL THOMAS JONATHAN "STONEWALL"JACKSON18 ..JACKSON JULIA17 ..NEALE, MARGARET16 ..WINN, ELIZABETH "BETSY"15 ..WITHERS, THOMAS14, ..CAPTAIN JAMES13, ..WILLIAM12, ..WILLIAM11..WITHER, JOHN10, ..WILLIAM9 ..WYTHER, ROGER8 ..WITHER, THOMAS7 ..WYTHER, ESQ., THOMAS6, ..SIR KNIGHT THOMAS5, ..SIR KNIGHT WILLIAM4, ..THOMAS3, REGINALD2, ..SIR KNIGHT ROBERT1) was born January 21, 1824 in Clarksburg, Virginia SEE NOTES (Source: Encarta Encyclopedia.), and died May 10, 1863 in Chancellorsville, Virginia (Source: Encarta Encyclopedia.). He married (1) MARY ANNA MORRISON, daughter of ROBERT MORRISON and MARY GRAHAM. He married (2) ELEANOR JUNKIN, daughter of REV. DOCTOR JUNKIN.

"Stonewall" Jackson, (1824-63), American soldier, considered by military authorities an outstanding leader, a skilled tactician, and one of the ablest Confederate commanders. Jackson was born Thomas Jonathan Jackson on January 21, 1824, in Clarksburg, Virginia (now in West Virginia), and was educated at the U.S. Military Academy. Following his graduation (1846) from West Point he participated in the Mexican War until 1848. He became an instructor at the Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in 1851, and the next year he resigned from the army. On the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861, he left VMI to enter the Confederate army. He was immediately commissioned a colonel and within months was given the rank of brigadier general. Jackson earned his popular nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run (1861), where his troops stood against the Union forces "like a stone wall," according to a colleague, Brig. General Barnard E. Bee. While commanding his troops, the so-called Stonewall Brigade, during a campaign in the Shenandoah Valley in the spring of 1862, Jackson executed a remarkable tactical maneuver against three Union armies then menacing Richmond. After driving back the army of General Nathaniel Prentiss Banks (1816-94), which was advancing from the north, Jackson turned and defeated the armies threatening to attack his rear ranks from the east and west. Jackson subsequently took part, with General Robert E. Lee, in the defeat of General George McClellan in the Seven Days' Battle at Richmond. In August 1862, Jackson defeated the army of General John Pope, thus ensuring a Confederate victory at the Second Battle of Bull Run. Jackson then crossed the Potomac into Maryland with Lee, who ordered him to capture Harpers Ferry. His task accomplished in September 1862, Jackson rushed north to Antietam Creek to aid Lee, who was under attack by an overwhelming Union force. Jackson commanded the right wing of the victorious Confederate army at Fredericksburg in December 1862. During the Rappahannock campaign in Virginia the following spring, by launching a surprise attack on the rear columns of the Union army, Jackson prevented the threatened encirclement of the Confederate forces by the troops of General Joseph Hooker. On May 2, 1863, while leading his forces at Chancellorsville, Jackson was accidentally shot and fatally wounded by his own men. "Jackson, Stonewall," Microsoft(R) Encarta(R) 96 Encyclopedia. (c) 1993-1995 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. (c) Funk & Wagnalls Corporation. All rights reserved.

IGIWilliam WEATHERS..Birth:Abt. 1801 Nelson Co., Ky ..Spouse: Elizabeth GRAHAM William Morgan Withers..Birth: 1799 Stanford,Lincoln C.,Ky .. Death: 1870 Georgetown,Scott,Ky..Father: John Withers ..Mother: Sally Morgan
Enoch WITHERS..Birth: 1835 Of, Lin, Kentucky ..Father: John WITHERS ..Mother: Mrs. Wilhelmina WITHERS

Below are the names of over 650 ancestors extracted from a "Year Book of the Society of Indiana Pioneers". The book gives the place and year of birth and place of settlement in Indiana prior to 1850 for most of the persons listed. Many of the women are listed by what appears to be their married name. A word search for the maiden name may be helpful. About two-thirds of the book has been indexed.

Conner, James Sr.
Conner, Louis
Conner, Margaret McClaren
Conner, William
Conner, William Sr.
Rowe, George



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